Sade Gives Tattoos Now

Do you like smooth jazz? Do you love getting tattooed? Do you want a combination of both in which an inexperienced tattoo artist gives you ink backstage at a live jazz show? Well then you should go get tickets the next time jazz-powerhouse (that’s a thing now…we said so) Sade comes to your town. On their newest DVD, lead singer Sade Adu tells a story about tattooing a fan backstage before a show…that’s all the information we have, we don’t like research that involves anything other than Google and five minutes of reading. What the tattoo is, or where the tattoo is; those things aren’t important. What’s important is that someone went to a Sade concert, a Grammy Award winning smooth jazz show, and decided that they needed to be tattooed. It wasn’t a metal show in 1986, or a drug-fueled Pink Floyd concert that got them going; it was the smooth sounds of “Soldier of Love” that made them need some spontaneous ink. It takes all kinds folks.

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