Sam Rockwell’s Rooster Tattoo

Sam Rockwell is awesome…and possibly mildly insane. The acclaimed star of Moon, Cogan’s Trade, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (we know, we just blew your mind) only has one tattoo, but he really made the most of the oppurtunity and inked a rooster in a noose on his arm. What does this seemingly random work of body art mean? Well, according to Rockwell, he got it so that he could tell girls “that he has a hung c—“. Yup, your mind is definitely blown now. We here at Celebrity Tattoo Design fully support it when famous people get really wierd things put on their bodies, so of course we’re on board with this idea. Add the level of crudeness and not-give-damn-edness that it took to get it done, and we’re really behind him. In fact, we’re going to use our Academy Award vote that we don’t have on his next “best actor” campaign.

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