Can You Guess What Carrot Top Has A Tattoo Of?

Okay, that does it. As if Chairman Of The Board wasn’t enough; as if being completely ‘roided to the gills for no reason wasn’t enough; as if if having a bunch of plastic surgery and looking like an off-duty drag queen wasn’t enough; Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson has finally made us anti-him. Not that we were fans before, but at least we were indifferent. But really? A tiny carrot? That’s ridiculous. Even if he got it before he discovered the gym and some needles, he could have had it redone to fit his giant body a little better. He also could’ve gotten a more interesting carrot (we’re sure that’s a thing); like a guy with a carrot for head, or a carrot with his hair instead of it’s actual top, anything but a real carrot. Look, the guy sells out shows in Vegas all the time, and he’s been gainfully employed as a comedian for over twenty years, so it’s not like he isn’t funny at all; he really could’ve come up with a better tattoo.

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