Sean Penn’s Tattoos

Sean Penn Ink

Sean Penn has always had a strange air of mystery about him; like a muscular, quiet, actor-wizard who just goes around winning Academy Awards and liberating Haiti (we think that’s what he did, we don’t really like to do “research” in the traditional sense). Part of that mystery are the meanings of his tattoos, and even exactly what his tattoos are. We know that the Milk and Gangster Squad star has a kanji on his left arm that means both “sword” and “power”, and we know that he has some kind of demon-thing on one of his forearms. However, we have no idea what else he has; so if there’s any major Sean Penn enthusiasts out there, lend us a hand and give us the scoop. What we do know though, is that he’s probably not done getting ink, as the Tree of Life actor continues to hold onto his youthful ways even as he enters his fifties.


Sean Penn Mysterious Ink

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