Shaun White’s Tattoos

Shaun White Forearm Tattoo

We’re really not sure if we’re surprised that Shaun White only has one tattoo. On one hand, he’s an “extreme athlete”, and it’s usually just assumed that those guys are covered in ink. One the other hand, he’s really, really, pale and has a good sense of style, so maybe he figured that getting a lot of color on that skin would look funky. Whatever he was thinking, it’s led him to having a lone tattoo on his left forearm. The two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, X-Games god, and owner of millions of dollars in endorsement contracts has a symbol inked on him that he got off of a Native America ring he had once purchased. The symbol represents a storm and ended up on his body forever, instead of on a guitar amplifier as he had planned, when a friend of his basically put him in a “put up, or shut up” situation in regards to getting some ink done. Shaun White put up, and not he’s got a tat.

Shaun White Tattoo Meaning

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