Snooki’s Newest Tattoo

First one tattoo, then weight loss, soon a boob job, and now another tattoo? It would seem that Snooki is basically trying to become J-Woww (bet you the guys that invented the English language never thought that would be a sentence). The oompa-loompa-ish star of Jersey Shore hit up the tattoo parlor again recently and got some more work done. She got some stars with leopard print to match the stars that she has on her left shoulder (we’re not sure when she got the design on her left shoulder, but it must be sometime after the larger tattoo she had put there recently), and they look…boring. As with most tattoos that party girls and guys with spikey hair get, they’re very generic and seem to signify less of deeper meaning, and more of a “Hey look! I have tattoos!”. We’re pretty sure that she puts zero thought into what she gets put on her body; she just closes her eyes and points at a random page in the book.