Steven Tyler – Bare Minimum of Tats for a Rocker

As far as tats go, Steven is a bit of a conservative rocker. Is he even known as a rocker these days or has everyone forgot Aerosmith now that he’s got the American Idol gig? He’s only got designs on one shoulder and on the other bicep. The one on his right shoulder is kind of a disorganized mess of an eye with a star and some squiggly lines. He’s a 70s rocker and in those days a tattoo or two was good enough and he hasn’t updated. If I were him I would put some fresh designs on top of that mess and add a little to it. A good artist could fix it up good. You would think that in those days when he admits himself that we was in way over his head abusing various substances he would have made a few tattoo mistakes but looks like he somehow avoided that. His daughter Mia is much more serious, she is steadily covering all available flesh with tats.









And now for a few fan portrait tattoos. Some people like him enough to get his portrait done apparently. Here’s one complete with a tattoo of Steven’s arm tattoo.

And what’s this one phantom of the opera Steven? or a black and white Steven Tyler cookie? I’d give this idea a C- grade, there have been worse.