Paul McCartney’s Autograph Tattoo

beatles fan tattoo

Being a slightly crazed fan can pay off sometimes; assuming you’re the right mix of “kinda wierd” and “strangely endearing”, and Maggie Muldoon Siverstein is proof. The die-hard Paul McCartney/ Beatles fan recently attended a McCartney concert at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Great American Ball Park; she went with a dream, and came home with McCartney’s autograph tattooed on her right shoulder. Hoping in advance that the rock legend would sign her; she put a local tattoo parlor on alert, then sat in her fifth row seat next to her husband with home-made signs. His read: “Paul, sign my wife.” Hers: “I’m the wife…sign me.”. Noted for being a good sport, McCartney delivered in the clutch and brought Maggie up on stage for an impromptu signing session during his encore. From their, it was just a matter of rushing to the already-ready tattoo parlor and making the signature permanent. So now, a girl that loves The Beatles has “Let It Be! Paul McCartney” (words she says she tries to live by…the lyric, not the words “Paul” and “McCartney”) on her right shoulder forever, and even though it’s a little weird…it’s still pretty awesome.

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