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Angelina Jolie’s New Tattoo

Okay, so we’re in no way surprised by this, but Angelina Jolie went and got herself a new tattoo, and its got a message! Sarcasm aside, she seems to be a genuinely good person who usually get nice ink so we’ll stick with her on this one. The tattoo says “Know Your Rights” across her back; it’s actually the title of a clash song, but the Fifty Shades Of Grey director and Maleficent actress says it means more than that to her, and that it should mean more than that to everyone. The message is aimed at everyone in the world who is being denied basic human rights (education etc) and is a call to the world to take responsibility for knowing what they are entitled to…or something like that, we were blinded by the light that our monitors emit when her and Brad Pitt stand next to each other for a photo. We read most of the article in brail, so yeah, dot-dash Angelina Jolie’s new tattoo is cool.

Jennifer Aniston’s First Tattoo

Man, when Wanderlust’s Jennifer Aniston jumps into a relationship, she jumps into it with both feet, not life jacket, no snorkel, and not even a pair of those little arm floaties. Shorty after she began dating heavily tattooed actor/writer/director Justin Theroux, she went out and got some ink of her own; not much of it, but some ink non-the-less. Now don’t freak out folks, she didn’t get Theroux’s name, or some weird Brad Pitt symbol, or a zombie Angelina Jolie; she instead got “Norman”, the name of her dog, tattooed on the side of her foot. Norman’s still alive to appreciate the gesture, which we’re really hoping was done out of straight-up love for her dog, and not some “he’s the only man who will never leave me” sentiment. We can’t see Aniston getting much more ink in the future, but we would like to see her someday date a sword swallower and see how commited she is then.