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It’s No Rumer: Willis Has New Ink

rumer willis new tattoo

Known in the past as a bit of a wild child, it’s no surprise that Rumer Willis has a new tattoo. What is surprising though, is that the new ink is to commemorate her win on “Dancing With The Stars”. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis recently visited a tattoo parlor in order to have herself inkedwith an image of a woman dancing with a celestial silhouette .

rumer willis dtws tattoo

The woman in the tattoo looks an awful lot like Rumer, and the pose looks exactly like this picture…

rumer willis new tattoo pics

So we’d say that it’s pretty cut and dry that Rumer had the ink done to celebrate her win on the reality show with partner Val Chmerkovskiy. There’s also the fact that she said the body art was in honor of her win. We’re a real bunch of Sherlocks around here.

J.R. Martinez’s Inspirational Tattoo

J.R. Martinez definitely gets the award for the most meaningful tattoo that we’ve seen in quite some time. The Dancing With The Stars winner, All My Children star (he plays ‘Brot Monroe’), and plastic surgery miracle, is known for his overcoming the odds to survive and lead a great life after being nearly burned to death in a truck explosion during his time serving in the Iraq War. In memory of one of the few parts of his body to not be burned, and to remind him of the time his life changed forever, Martinez got the watch he was wearing at the time of the explosion tattooed on the spot on his wrist where it originally rested. Martinez is a walking inspiration, showing the triumph of the human spirit with every step he takes, and teaching us all that no matter what, life can go on. His tattoo provides a similar reminder to him, and to anyone else lucky enough to meet him.