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Guy Goes Through A Lot Of Trouble To Look Like…The Red Skull?

red-skull-guySo this one is a little weird. Our buddies over at www.celebrityplasticsurgery.tv  report on fan surgeries all the time; this is a different idea than your standard “fan tattoo”. You see, when someone get’s a fan tattoo, it usually means that they’re having body art done in honor of someone they love; a fan surgery is usually when a fan undergoes plastic surgery in order to look more like their favorite famous face and/or body. Now this is a little weird in itself, and almost always goes way beyond the standard “I want Brooke Burke’s boobs” plastic surgery decision, but at least it’s done to look like a real person…most of the time.  Some people are fans of cartoons/comics though, and that’s when these things get a little dicey. This brings us to Venezuelan citizen Henry Damon, a man who has had both fan surgery and fan tattoos done in order to look more like…The Red Skull? Yeah, he had work done and had his skin tattooed in order to look like the Nazi bad guy from “Captain America”…red-skull-guy-plastic-surgeryBefore going under the knife and in front of the ink gun, Damon was actually a pretty normal, if not handsome looking man with a wife and kids…Comic Book Fan Has Nose Chopped Off to Look Like Villain Red SkuNow, according to  is plastic surgeon/tattoo artist (the articles I’m reading make me think that this dude hit up a one-stop shop), Damon is still perfectly normal, because he had to pass an unnamed battery of psychological tests before going through with his procedures. Did I mention that the guy who did all of this stuff to him is a med-school dropout who specializes in extreme body modification? Yes, I’m aware that that sounds like the character description for the killer from a B-movie, but that’s who the dude is. Here’s Henry after beginning his process of Red-Skull-ification…Comic Book Fan Has Nose Chopped Off to Look Like Villain Red SkuThat’s post forehead implants and eyeball tattooing, and pre-nose job; although, is it still a rhinoplasty is it’s a straight up removal?Comic Book Fan Has Nose Chopped Off to Look Like Villain Red SkuYup, he had his nose removed. After that, he went in front of the tattoo needle again to have his skin turned red and black to better resemble ole’ Skull-dawg. He’s still a work in progress, but here he is at a tattoo convention recently…red-skull-guy-afterI’m not sure exactly why he’s decided to drastically change himself into the image of a hate-mongering supervillian (especially when everyone around him swears he’s a good dude), but I can tell you this much: next time someone looks at my forearms and asks me if I’m worried how they’re going to look when I get old, I’m just going to show them this dude and they’ll probably never bother me again!

Charles Ramsey: Tattoo Hero


In today’s internet-based media environment, it’s almost easy to become famous for at least a little bit; you can find your fifteen minutes of fame in about fifteen minutes if circumstances go your way. With that said, it makes it no less special, and in fact might make it even more special because of all the garbage contrast with when someone does something truly great. Such is the case with Charles Ramsey, the reformed convict who, despite his checkered past and less than ideal surroundings, decided to act when he heard screams coming from his Detroit neighbor’s home. The results of his actions were the freeing of Amanda Berry, 27, her 6-year-old daughter Jocelyn, Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32; three women who had spent over twenty combined years being held captive by Ramsey’s piece of trash neighbor. The women, who were subjected to all sorts of horrid treatment while in captivity, have Ramsey to thank for their freedom; and as of this article’s writing (you never know these days; remember the bum with the nice voice, his retribution went horribly) society has a prime example of how people can change and how heroes can come in all sorts of forms.charles-ramsey-tattoo

In honor of Ramsey’s awesomeness, Detroit tattoo artists Rodney Rose and Shawn Patton recently offered to give a couple of ink junkies free tattoos of the Big Mac lovin’ Detroit dishman superhero’s face; obviously some folks took them up on the offer. The end result is some ink that is very well done, but looks a little crazy…good crazy though, like that girl you date in high school who gets you arrested but is really good looking, or that dude you date who always breaks your furniture but also punches your ex to defend your honor…we’ve had some weird relationships. Anyhow, the image they chose to use for the pieces was probably the least crazy looking image they could find of the Detroit hero, as he’s not making any of the whacky faces that he did during his interviews. The image gives him the kind eyes that he most likely showed to the girls when he saved them. We’re also excited about how it’s going to be for this dude in ten years when he has to explain to everyone why he has a seemingly random dude inked on his calf. “Okay kids, so there was this guy…and he liked burgers…and he saved some people…and…I’m your father, stop asking questions!” So overall, we dig the tat, but we really wish that the guy had gotten a Hatchet Man Kai companion piece; nobodies perfect we guess.charles-ramsey-tattoo-pic