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Rex Ryan’s Big Tribal Calf

The National Football League’s (NFL) Rex Ryan is a lot of things; a solid coach, a great motivator, an outspoken defender of his players, and a rather large man with a booming voice; but if there’s one thing he’s not, it’s subtle. So when reporters asked him what his big calf tattoo meant, the New York Jets’ Head Coach responded, “A new ‘tat’ means believe in yourself, which I’ve got no problem doing”, and when asked what exactly it was, he said, “It’s a mountain, some waves and some sharks”. To us, it just looks kind of like a random Hawaiian design (he got it while on vacation in the islands), like something he just got because he already has tattoos (we have no clue what or…*shutter*…where on his body they are), he was there, and he likes attention; like the grown man equivalent of a teenage girl from Wyoming getting cornrows while in Jamaica. Anyhow, he says that his players like it, and that he and his wife like it, so whatever, more power to him…at least it’s not a skull, that wouldn’t look right on him.