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J Woww And Roger Get Matching Ink

tattoo-J-woww-Roger-MatthewsSo Jwoww is still a thing we’re still talking about in 2014? Yeah? Okay cool, just making sure because I already laid out the pictures and did the “research” for this article, so it would be a shame if I found out now that we’re not talking about the cast of “Jersey Shore” anymore. With that said, let’s talk about Jenni Farley’s new ink, because unlike a lot of the decisions that we’ve seen her make over the years, this one seems to be a good one…at least in my eyes. tattoo-Jenni-Farley-Roger-MatthewsThe new tattoo that is adorning the reality stars upper back/shoulder blade is one of the best kind: a dedication to her child. The tattoo, which is the “Snooki & Jwoww” star’s daughter Meilani Alexandra’s name surrounding her foot prints is your standard baby dedication fare, but it’s definitely well done. The intention is obviously great too, as it commemorates the existence of someone who will always be important to her; this isn’t a “I Heart Wanda” kind of dedication that may be regretted someday, this is her first child! As the title of  the article suggests, the new ink is done to match the piece done on her future husband Roger Mathew’s ribs, and both pieces really do look nice. j-woww-tatThis isn’t the first tattoo for either Jenni or Roger, as both have gotten pretty extensive ink done in the past. Roger is basically covered, with two sleeves and a huge back piece, as well as the gun he has inked on his hip, while Jenni has a large cross on her shoulder and a big ole’ tiger on her hip. The tattooed couple seems to be staying in shape as they enter their thirties, so their ink should age pretty well and they will most likely continue to have tats done well into their futures. I love making fun of the cast of that horrid cesspool of a show, but this isn’t a time when I have that opportunity, because Jenni and Roger’s new ink id more than okay in my book, and I have nothing but congratulations for them on the birth of their baby girl!

More Ink for JWOWW

Alright folks, so this isn’t the first time we’ve told you about a member of the Jersey Shore cast getting inked, but it’s the first time we’ve told you about JWoww getting tattoos…since the last time we told you about JWoww getting tattoos. Either way, adding to the collection of ink that we’ve already told you about, the Jersey girl has two new big pieces on her body. First she got the one on her right shoulder while she was in Italy; it’s a tribute to her grandma. It’s a nice tribute piece that features praying hands and a cross, as well as the words “RIP” and “OMA” (that’s what she called her grandma). After that came her most recent work, a huge tiger on her right hip that’s meant to act as the second half of a yin-yang/good-evil symbol; the first half being the big dragon she has on her ribs. This piece is also well done, and sits well on her body. JWoww is pretty heavily inked at this point, but all of her work is well placed and all of it looks great on her. We don’t see her getting too much more done, as she’s running out of prime real estate and doesn’t seem like she wants to move onto her arms.

Jersey-pocalypse – Top Jersey Tattoos

We’ve already covered a few of those foolios from Jersey Shore and they have some of what you might expect – Snooki, Ronnie and Pauly D. Here’s a few more from the gang.

Jersey Shore's Vinny has a tat somehow related to Sicily apparently

Deena’s work –

Deena's feet

Jwoww's back

We’ve also got Jon Bon Jovi!

Other good ones you might see if you were on a tour of Jersey ink:

For dudes: barbed wire, tribal, horror clowns, Italian flag, Jersey devils, skulls and shit written in script that don’t make sense.

For chicks: the tramp stamp (lower back tattoo), butterflies and more shit written in stoopid script that don’t make sense.

Here are a few of our other favorites – Jersey boy and girl tattoos with the outline of the state!

Ronnie Magro From Jersey Shore’s Surprisingly Meaningful Ink

When you think Jersey Shore, we’re 99% sure that the first word that pops into your mind is “religious”, but aparently that wouldn’t be that far off…at least in regards to resident brawler Ronnie Magro’s tattoos. The Bronx born “star” of the popular MTV series has three large pieces of ink on his body, and they’re all related to his catholic faith, and all really well done. On his left shoulder blad/upper back, he has a wooden cross; on his stomach, he has praying hands; and for his latest tattoo, he has a quarter sleave on his right shoulder that depicts heaven and hell. So folks, while it’s safe to say that he doesn’t have the most original ink in the world, at least he has some pieces that mean something to him. He’s also the cast member that we’d least like to throw a used diaper at, so he’s got that going for him.

Snooki’s New Ink

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of reality-television’s worst creations; she may be annoying, but there’s no doubt that she’s a celebrity, and as much as we all can’t stand her, we also can’t take our eyes off of her. It will be even harder to do so from now on, as the Jersey Shore star went out and got a big piece of ink on her right shoulder. She already has a tattoo…you guessed it…on her lower back; and it says the always cliched, “La Famiglia” (‘Family’ in Italian). Her new piece, which she claims is her favorite (of two…ugh), is a crown with jewels, a cross, and a large pink bow. Hopefully the bow is some kind of breast cancer awareness thing, so that at least the tattoo has some redeeming quality to it, because otherwise its kind of stupid looking. It’s also taking up the majority of her right shoulder, a spot that doesn’t always look the classiest on girls who otherwise aren’t heavily inked. Overall, I’m obviously not impressed with it, but I’m glad that it’s not an Ed Hardy dragon or an Affliction skull.

DJ Pauly D’s Tattoos

DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame is known mostly for his ridiculously over-done hair and “skills on the turn-tables” (ie, his ability to turn his laptop on and press play). However, he is also heavily tattooed…in the most stereotypically Jersey Shore way possible. Not only does he have a tribal dragon and tribal designs; he also has his name in script inked on his back. Yes folks, he also has the always ridiculous “Italian flag ripping through his skin” on his back, because you know, he’s so Italian that if you cut him open you would just see more Italian…ugh. He also has what appears to be the word “Caddilac” running down his side, a star on his elbow, and a very nicely done memorial cross on his shoulder. DJ Pauly D: ridiculous tattoos…and we’re not suprised.