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More Ink for JWOWW

Alright folks, so this isn’t the first time we’ve told you about a member of the Jersey Shore cast getting inked, but it’s the first time we’ve told you about JWoww getting tattoos…since the last time we told you about JWoww getting tattoos. Either way, adding to the collection of ink that we’ve already told you about, the Jersey girl has two new big pieces on her body. First she got the one on her right shoulder while she was in Italy; it’s a tribute to her grandma. It’s a nice tribute piece that features praying hands and a cross, as well as the words “RIP” and “OMA” (that’s what she called her grandma). After that came her most recent work, a huge tiger on her right hip that’s meant to act as the second half of a yin-yang/good-evil symbol; the first half being the big dragon she has on her ribs. This piece is also well done, and sits well on her body. JWoww is pretty heavily inked at this point, but all of her work is well placed and all of it looks great on her. We don’t see her getting too much more done, as she’s running out of prime real estate and doesn’t seem like she wants to move onto her arms.

Xzibit’s X, Z and Lost Angel Tattoos

(Insert “Hey Dawg…” joke here) Hahaha…that was hilarious and original (*sigh*)…anyway, Xzibit has a good amount of tattoos, but not as many as most other hip-hop artists. The rapper (with albums like At the Speed of Life and Man Vs. Machine) , turned actor (with majors roles in XxX: State of the Union, and Gridiron Gang) turned semi-annoying MTV host (Pimp My Ride. ‘Nuff said.) has some solid work done on his upper body. He has a huge “X” and an equally huge “Z” on his left and right forearms, respectively (why is there no “Y”? as in XYZ? Maybe because he’s only got two arms but it he could’ve put it on his belly, but why ask why anyway.). He also has the word “Restless” inked at the base of his neck; as well as the words “Lost Angel” scrawled across his back in huge letters. On top of that, he has the number “38” in block letters on his left shoulder, representing his youngest son’s birthday; a weird “ax-weilding arm rising from water” on his right arm; and some sort of symbol on his left inner forearm. Overall, his tattoos come together well, although he probably needs a hibachi grill in the trunk because he knows I like video games…or something like that.