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Some Seriously Bad NBA Ink

Andrei Kirilenko _ Family In St. Barth For Christmas

The best part of the National Basketball Association features some of the world’s best athletes performing at a level that few people could ever even hope to see in person, let alone achieve…it also features a ton of tattoos. Most of them are your average run of the mill ink pieces, featuring children’s names, astrological symbols, and life motto…some of them aren’t so average though. Now we know we said that the ink in this article is “seriously bad”, but perhaps we’re overstating, these tattoos are just different…and kind of weird if we’re being honest. As you can see in the headline picture, Andrei Kirelenko of The Utah Jazz leads the way with his…ummmmmm…whatever that is. It appears to be some sort of winged beast; perhaps of destiny or perhaps of destruction, we don’t really know. Whatever it is, we wouldn’t want it to be real, because it would probably eat us and poop out our remains on a family picnics. It also makes him look kind of like an extra in a Russian Mafia movie, but who are we to judge…just in this situation, not the rest of the times we judge people.


Next up we have Maverick’s star Deshawn Stevenson, who really likes Abraham Lincoln. Now there’s nothing wrong with this at all, we just can’t see ourselves tattooing a president on our necks, even if he was one of the best. Now we can kind of assume that te ink is rooted in the concept of Lincoln abolishing slavery, and that as an African American, Stevenson wants to rep the man who changed the world…but still, the neck is a strong statement.


Finally, we have Miami Heat contributor Udonis Haslem, who loves his state…way more than most people love anything apparently. We know this because he has a giant picture of the state of Florida inked on his back. We really wish that he would’ve gone with an orange instead, or maybe a gator, or a meth head, any of the images that represent Florida really. So yeah, NBA players are just like anyone else, and sometimes they get silly with their tattoos.

Rick Pitino Gets Inked In The Name Of Victory


 Okay all you athletes out there, how many of you have a favorite coach from your playing days? A coach who was so inspiring, so dedicated, so gung-ho that he or she made every game feel like it was the most important game of your life? Yeah well prepare to be less impressed, because Rick Pitino just one upped everyone.



In February of 2013, when his Louisville Cardinals Basketball Team (NCAA Division 1) sat at a less than impressive 7-4 in the Big East Division, and on the heels of a five overtime loss to Notre Dame, Pitino decided to make the kind of promise that’s usually reserved for movies starring Gene Hackman or Paul Newman. Pitino told his team that if they battled back into the mix and somehow won themselves a National Championship he would get a tattoo. This wouldn’t mean a thing if he looked like us, but considering the fact that he’s almost a senior citizen and doesn’t appear to have any other ink, it’s a pretty big claim. Well it worked, because his team took home the biggest prize in college basketball a couple of months later, and like a man of his word, Pitino hit the tattoo parlor. Here’s where the two-time national champion and former coach of the NBA’s New York Knicks really impressed us even more. Most people wouldn’t have gone through with the promise, they would’ve said that it was done for motivation and that since it worked, it could end there. However, Pitino not only got the ink in a timely manner, but he got a big ole’ honker of a first tat! He didn’t wuss out and get something tiny, no, he got a “L, 2013 National Champions, 35-5” piece that covers most of his left shoulder blade; he even got color! So color us impressed Rick.


Now some of the more annoying people in the media have already said that Pitino is setting a poor precedent for coaching behavior, and that his actions will lead to a ton of coaches making big crazy promises to inspire their teams. Well…ummmmmm…who cares? He made a big claim and backed it up, and in the process showed a bunch of kids that not everything adults tell them is a lie or an empty promise, and if this leads to coaches doing crazy things to inspire their teams then great. Sports in America have become often jaded and devoid of true excitement, so if things happen to get a little more interesting because of this, then we’re even more impressed with Rick Pitino’s actions. Tat on Rick!


Monta Ellis Has A Ton Of Tattoos

The Golden State Warriors’ Monta Ellis has spent the last couple of years near the top of NBA’s scoring lists; he’s also spent them near the top of the ”Most Tattooed” list. Ellis, who says he lost count around 18, has an upper body that’s absolutely covered in ink, says that a big part of his being covered comes from his boredom in the off-season. The other reason he has so many tattoos is that he he likes to represent his love for his family with them, and he really loves his family. His tattoos include a giant family tree; tributes to his mother, daughter, son, grandpa, and grandma (his grandparents raised him); and s number of “randoms” as we like to call them. All of his work is top-notch, and most, if not all of it was done at Tattoos By Randy in Atlanta, by Randy himself. Great work Monta!



Shawn Marion’s Tattoo Mistake

When last we saw Dallas Maverick’s star forward Shawn Marion, he was winning an NBA Championship and taking our award for Best Tattoos of the Playoffs, but we left out one little fact; one his tattoos is an epic miss-print/misstranslation! On his right calf, Marion has three Chinese symbols meant to represent ‘The Matrix” (his nickname), but in reality, they translate as “Demon, Bird, Camphor”. Yes, camphor, the stuff used to make mothballs; making Shawn Marion’s tattoo read more like a comercial for a really strong laundry aid than as a hardcore nickname. He also, has a couple ofother tattoos; one is a dragon wrapped around a cross, the word “COURAGE”, the words “You’re my life”, and a couple of others we can’t make out. However, they’re all overshadowed by the big permanent mistake on his leg, one which he apparently has no plans of getting removed. We actually support his leaving it there, as it will serve as a constant reminder to alwaysuse spell check when writing in Chinese.