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Rueben Foster Announces Commitment to Auburn With Ink

Talk about commitment! While most NCAA Division One football recruits show their support for their soon-to-be teams by doning a hat or a sweater, Rueben Foster is showing that he’s will to make a lifetime commitment to Auburn University. The top rated highschool linebacker in the nation, Foster recently announced his intent to attend the storied football school. And showed his dedication by getting the Auburn logo tattooed on his forearm…really big. The tattoo covers most of his gigantic forearm and shows that Foster wants nothing more than to play for his favorite college. Is it the best idea? Not really, but we kind of like it. It shows a love of the team’s tradtion, and a dedication the the squad over himself that we hope translates into a productive collegiate career and eventually some cash in the National Football League. So give ’em hell Rueben, we’re rooting for you!


Bad Fan Tattoo Of The Day :The ESPN Guy

What. Is. He. Thinking? Yes folks, that’s a real tattoo of the ESPN logo on someone’s face. Hoping it would get him enough attention that he’d make it on to ESPN’s Sportscenter, this severely mislead young man decided that he would get the network tattooed on the side of his face above his eyebrow. This is easily one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas. It’s a corporate logo for a corporation that he doesn’t work for that covers sports and he’s not an athlete. We could understand if an up and coming NFL player got ESPN inked on him as a reminder to his opponents that he will make highlights out them, but this is just a normal guy who now will conjure images of Chris Berman wherever he goes. We’d love to support this kind of stupidity, but we can’t think a reason why we would. You’ve failed my friend, no top ten plays, no WebGem, no Espy, just a stupid tattoo.

Adrian Peterson’s Tattoos Make Him Look DIESEL!

The Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson might not be human; in fact, the only proof we have that he’s not some sort of superhero is his occasional injuries, and the fact the a tattoo needle was able to peirce his skin. Look at the guy, he looks like someone gave an action figure some sort of magic potion and it came to life, or like someone made themselves in a videogame and then spilled a red bull on it during a lightning storm. Anyhow, now that the brown nosing is out of the way, let’s talk tattoos; the NFL All-Pro Running Back has two big ones. On his right arm, he has “THE DIESEL” in huge letters; he says that he got it when he was just a teenager, and that it creates an image in his head of a big 18 wheeler just running people over…sounds about right. The big piece of ink on his stomach is a little more spiritual and introspective; it’s Jesus holding the “drama faces”, and it’s to remind him that he’s seen great times, and that he’s seen horrible time. As Peterson continues his successful career in the National Football League, look for him to get even more ink, we’ll keep you posted.