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Drake+Ink = Drinks?

drake-face-tatYou can’t write an article about Drake’s tattoos without mentioning two things: he was the kid from Degrassi, and a fan once inked his name on her friggin’ forehead. That’s her in the picture above, and she always needs to be mentioned, because until the day the “Started From The Bottom” rapper tattoos “That Girl Who Tattooed My Name On Her Face” on his own forehead, no body art related to Drake will ever top her tat. So now that her permanent mark of fandom and his former life as a teen actor are out of the way, let’s talk about the ink that adorns the body of the popular hip-hop act…drake-416-tattooLet’s start with his dual hometown/favorite singer tribute, the “416” on his side. The ink not only represents the area code of his hometown of Toronto, Ontario Canada, it also is shaded so as to represent “116”, the birthday (January 16th) of late singer Aaliyah, whose work Drake is an admittedly huge fan of. She also appears on his back piece, but we’ll get to that a little later. The rib work is actually very well done, and has a nice little meaning to it, it huge too, unlike his arm work…drake-all-kinds-tattooNext up we have the little piece of ink that sits on the inside of his right arm, which was apparently his first. The tat says “All Kinds”, which seems to be short for “It takes all kinds.”, a cliched statement that Drake and his buddies apparently use pretty often. There’s nothing wrong with the ink, it’s just kind of small and makes us worry that Drake thinks he made that phrase up. Anyhow, back to the back…drake-back-tattooYup, that’s Drake’s back, which appears to have a portrait of Aaliyah (he intends to release an album with the deceased icon through the magic of music production at some point), a portrait of his mom, a portrait of his late uncle, a portrait of his grandma, a dove, and an owl that looks like the robot from the original “Clash Of The Titans”. It’s all nicely done work, and all of it means a lot to the “Best I Ever Had” singer, so we’re cool with his back piece(s)…well all of them except…drake-houston-star-tattooThat looks a lot more like the old Tommy Hilfiger logo than anything representing Houston (that’s what it’s supposed to be), but it takes all kinds, right?drake-tattoo-father-mugshotSpeaking of all kinds, Drake’s father has spent a good portion of the Canadian star’s life in and out of prison, so as a tribute to a man he has an admittedly strained relationship with, he has a mini-portrait of his dad’s mugshot on his arm. It’s actually a cool little piece and it’s always nice to see people bonding through ink, so we’re like it, we don’t like his most recent tattoo though…drake-emoji-tattooLook, we have no problem with the little blurb, we have a small problem with someone referring to themselves as “6 God” (that’s what the “6” represents), and we have a big problem with someone representing something as complex as their religious views with a friggin’ Emoji. Yeah, that’s what that is, and we don’t like it, but again, it takes all kinds…is that joke dead yet? Anyhow, Drake’s overall body of tattoo work is pretty solid, so we give him props for most of his art and the meanings behind it, but this last one makes us question his decision making process, so we wouldn’t be surprised is someday his face tattoo is the first thing we talk about when we reference him. Time will tell is he ever surpasses his fan’s face tat, but until then…it takes all kinds! Yeah! One more for the road!

The Game Tattoos And A Game Tattoo


We’ve got a bit of a double header for you today folks; we’ve got a depressing-ish story and something awesome. Since they both involve “Game”, of the “the” and “a” varieties to be more specific, we’re going to present them to you in one convenient package! So which one do you want first? The kind of grim one right? No one ever says they want the good news first, if they do they’re probably a Communist or a hipster. So yeah, let’s talk about The Game’s new ink.


The “Leave It or Love It” rapper recently sat in the parlor chair for over seven hours to get tattoos in honor of deceased rap icon Nate Dogg and slain teenager Trayvon Martin (we all know who he is; so please folks, this is a tattoo site, keep the social commentary to yourselves). His reasoning behind the Nate Dogg piece is pretty obvious; he’s a rapper and he’s paying tribute to one of the greats of his craft. The Trayvon tattoo is a bit more complicated, as explaining it would cause us to delve into the kind of commentary that we’re just not smart enough to take part in. However, it should be noted that The Game’s picture was used in a widely spread chain e-mail that was sent around during the George Zimmerman (the man who killed Martin) trial. It was incorrectly posted in the letter as a picture of “the real Trayvon Martin”, so he has a tenuous, albeit somewhat legitimate connection to the siituation. Both pieces were done on his left leg, and both were very well done. They were stenciled from photos of the two iconic individuals, and the artist (Roman Abrego) did a great job on both. So now that we talked about the tribute pieces, let’s discuss something a little more lighthearted…the” Konami Code”…in tattoo form!


The little gem that you’ve no doubt already seen (we know that you scroll through all the pictures before reading the articles) is an ink representation of the famous code from the Nintendo version of “Contra”. The code was “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, Start” (you added “select” if there were two players), and it got you thirty lives in the notoriously hard game. The awesome piece belongs to a guy named Kevin Pacheco, and it’s one of the nerdiest and coolest tattoos we’ve ever seen!


So in the end folks, this article proves that tattoos are there for the good times and the bad, but they’re there for life.


50 Cent Reveals His New Inkless Look

Last year Rapper 50 Cent started undergoing laser treatments to remove his tattoos. In interviews 50 has said he felt he had out grown the look of being covered in tattoos and he wanted to have them removed. He also said he wanted to expand his acting career and that having a lot of tattoos was something hindering him from pursuing roles.

The process of removing tattoos is extremely painful and often occurs over many sessions for completion. The laser penetrates the layer of skin where the ink sits. After several treatments the ink starts to slowly break down and get absorbed by the body. Sessions can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. 

Recently 50 was featured in some new ad campaigns with his now inkless skin. The results are pretty dramatic. While you can faintly make out some of the lines, his tattoos are virtually gone. 50 says he still has a ways to go but he has been happy with the results. Take a look at the before and after pictures of 50 Cent tattoos removed.