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Justin Bieber Photoshop Madness and Steve O Tattoos

Yep you got it, its the original design that inspired Mike Tyson to get his tribal facial tattoo. It was Bieber first. Believe it! or perhaps not. Actually this is how it happened – Bieber wakes up in the bathtub of a shady hotel in Thailand after a long night partying the day before his buddies wedding… Oh wait is that from the Hangover movie? Well, you know now where they got the idea don’t you?

Ok, no messing around here – this is a photoshop joke but it is a pretty good one. Taking Steve O’s dumb tattoo of himself and putting on Bieber’s chest. The thing is people were making such a fuss about his actual tattoo (see below) which is really nothing more than a little squiggle, its as if to say “Here is something you could really make a fuss about” if it were true, we wish it were, it would be a more interesting world, but its not true.


And you know you know you know how many fans already have some kind of inked head of this guy already, too many, and its not funny or interesting or anything good.