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Frank Mir’s Tattoos

A multiple-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) World Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir has a pretty huge canvas to get tattooed on, and he’s slowly doing his best to use all the space that his body provides. Early in his career, Mir sported his name on his right arm and “Two Bodies Many Minds One Spirit” across his stomach. He later went on to get Asian characters on the back of his arms (which he later surrounded in a flame design), but we’re not totally sure what they mean (rumor has it that one or both of them mean “one with endless energy and stamina” or a similar translation). Finally, he got the hug piece on his back that includes his name, a Kanji symbol, and what appears to be dueling samurai. All of his ink is well done, and other than his over-usage of his own name, they’re all pretty cool, especially the intricate back piece. Mir seems like he’s fully addicted to ink, and he makes the big bucks in the UFC, so look for him to get more work in the future.


Bad Fan Tattoo Of The Day :The ESPN Guy

What. Is. He. Thinking? Yes folks, that’s a real tattoo of the ESPN logo on someone’s face. Hoping it would get him enough attention that he’d make it on to ESPN’s Sportscenter, this severely mislead young man decided that he would get the network tattooed on the side of his face above his eyebrow. This is easily one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas. It’s a corporate logo for a corporation that he doesn’t work for that covers sports and he’s not an athlete. We could understand if an up and coming NFL player got ESPN inked on him as a reminder to his opponents that he will make highlights out them, but this is just a normal guy who now will conjure images of Chris Berman wherever he goes. We’d love to support this kind of stupidity, but we can’t think a reason why we would. You’ve failed my friend, no top ten plays, no WebGem, no Espy, just a stupid tattoo.

Chicago Bears Fan Tattoos Himself To Show Love

Let’s be honest folks, there’s nothing that’s not creepy about this guy. Everyone say “Hi!” to diehard Chicago Bears fan Glenn Timmerman, the man who has way too many tattoos of his favorite team. Amongst Glenn’s Bear-loving ink is the logo on the back of his head, the giant grizzly bear on his shoulder, a Super Bowl Twenty logo on his neck, another grizzly on his opposite shoulder, various art-pieces of Soldier Field, various player-picture pieces and a bunch of player autographs. By our current definition, “a bunch” stands for 126 different autographs that began with Otis Wilson and hopefully¬† end someday with Jim McMahon, Gale Sayers, and Jay Cutler. Mind you, he doesn’t just go find the autograph at a convention, or buy it online; he goes and has the player sign his body and then he goes directly to the tattoo shop and has it made permanent. Wow, that’s dedication…weird dedication that would make us concerned for him if we knew him, but dedication either way.

Kelsey Grammer Gets His First Tattoo

Don’t adjust your computer screens and smart phones folks, that is in fact 57 year old star of stage an screen Kelsey Grammar in the photo above. Yup, at almost 60 the Fraser, Cheers, and, Boss star jumped into the tattoo chair for the first time to ink the name of his new wife Kayte (there is no way that’s how it was meant to be spelled, unless her birth certificate says” Kaytherine”; in which case her parents should be slapped) on his hip. Look, we respect the hell out of Kelsey Grammar, even despite his drunk driving and infidelities, but we’ve got some issues with this ink. First off, she’s his fourth wife, so clearly marriage isn’t always a permanent idea to him, so maybe a tattoo isn’t the best thing to show his love. Secondly, what grown man gets a single tattoo that low on his waste line? He’s an award winning actor, not an 18 year old girl on spring break. Well either way, we’re sure he can afford the removal fees if this turns out to be a bad idea.

Emma Watson’s Fake Tattoo

Looks like Hermomo (is that her name? We don’t read Harry Potter) is all grown up…or at least she’s playing roles that require her to look all grown up. Recently seen on the set of her new movie Bling Ring ( it chronicles the idiotic misadventures of the group that ran around Hollywood robbing the homes of tabloid fodder/stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton), Watson’s got some new fake ink on her lower back. Her faux tramp stamp is some kind of feminine tribal with a Japanese symbol in the middle, it’s the kind of tattoo that a moron that would rob other morons would get, so we’re glad that it fake. We imagine that if she was to actually go out and get a tattoo, it wouldn’t be Harry Potter related, as the young star has tried to distance herself from that franchise recently. So Emma Watson’s bad ink is fake, but if she makes the mistake of getting something bad in the future, we’ll be here to tell you all about it.

Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan’s Matching Tattoos

We try really hard around here to not like The Vow‘s Channing Tatum; he’s just too pretty of aguy for us to root for, but between his charity work in Africa and the story of his and his wife’s matching tattoos, we’re starting to change out minds. As some of you may know, the Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation star is married to Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan, and the two have the best meaning behind their ink that we’ve heard in a while. While in Bali on their honeymoon in 2009, they were both stricken with rough bouts of food poisoning and ended up stuck on the toilet for days. When they finally recovered, they went and got “Side by side” in Balinese inked on his ribs and her foot in honor of their time spend side by side on the toilet. A couple getting tattoos in honor of the time they had to poop together? Yup, that’s about our speed right there.


Jenna's Ink

J.R. Martinez’s Inspirational Tattoo

J.R. Martinez definitely gets the award for the most meaningful tattoo that we’ve seen in quite some time. The Dancing With The Stars winner, All My Children star (he plays ‘Brot Monroe’), and plastic surgery miracle, is known for his overcoming the odds to survive and lead a great life after being nearly burned to death in a truck explosion during his time serving in the Iraq War. In memory of one of the few parts of his body to not be burned, and to remind him of the time his life changed forever, Martinez got the watch he was wearing at the time of the explosion tattooed on the spot on his wrist where it originally rested. Martinez is a walking inspiration, showing the triumph of the human spirit with every step he takes, and teaching us all that no matter what, life can go on. His tattoo provides a similar reminder to him, and to anyone else lucky enough to meet him.