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Adrienne Bailon Removes Her Kardashian Tattoo


Adrienne Bailon is one of those people who’s kind of so far removed from her original success that it’s become easy to forget exactly why she’s famous. We’re not saying that she’s not successful, because selling about 5 million albums and fronting two different successful music acts is pretty much the definition of success, but we’re pretty sure that there’s a lot of people who know her more for her work on “The Real”, as a red carpet reporter, and her relationship with Rob Kardashian than they do for her music career. Well luckily for her, she’s no longer with the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, and now over half a decade after they broke up, she’s finally getting rid of some of the evidence. No, she’s not throwing out any bodies, and she’s not giving away any sort of jewelry, but she is getting her butt tattoo removed!adrienne-bailon-butt-tattoo-pic

The couple originally began dating in 2007, and before breaking up in 2009 they decided to take things to the next level by having each other’s names inked on their bodies. Rob got “Adrienne E Bailon” put on his ribs, and to our knowledge he still has it. Adrienne went a little more hard and got “Robert A. Kardashian”…on her butt. Yup, she went for the ole’ name on da butt; never a great idea. After their breakup, Adrienne attempted to have the fairlly large piece removed multiple times, but nothing could do more than slightly fade it. We imagine that her skin type had something to do with it, but who cares, because she recently underwent a new treatment that zapped that bad boy right off her heiny! She invited the cameras from “Extra!” To come along as she went under the laser for her life changing removal. We know that having a tat that no one can see removed shouldn’t really be a huge deal for a millionaire, but anytime you can distance yourself from the Kardashians, it’s a victory.rob-kardashian-rib-tat

To be honest, if we were Adrienne, we would’ve just left the tat and said that we really like lawyers from the 90s, but we’re all idiots. Anyhow, this whole situation is just another reminder that you shouldn’t get anyone’s name inked on you unless you’re already related…also that you shouldn’t date Kardashians, those people are trouble.


Somebody Got A “RIP Brian” Tattoo…Too Soon


Once again folks, we have to start out this article by pointing out that we’re all for stupid tattoos…because we’re about to give someone guff for getting one. For starters, let’s give you a “Family Guy” SPOILER ALERT so that the armies of the interweb don’t mount up against us. Did you heed our warning? If you did, you’re not even reading this part, so this doesn’t make sense to be writing…sorry, the entire office just got a headache. Anyhow, most of you know that a recent episode of the hit Seth Mcfarlain cartoon series saw the brutal death of beloved family dog Brian Griffin. He got hit by a car and was replaced by a dog named Vince, but you know that already, and you also know that within a month, a Christmas wish from baby genius Stewie brought him back to the land of the living. Most people saw this coming, because as the shows creator himself pointed out, they’d have to be high to kill off Brian. However, despite the less than one month turn around from death the resurrection, at least one loyal fan decided to memorialize the fallen pooch on his body. Yup, despite it being a cartoon known for its lack of continuity, and despite the rumors from day one that Brian would be brought back (episode synopsis alone all but screamed out that he’d be back), somebody decided to get a picture of him with “RIP” under it. In the guy’s defense, it’s a great looking piece, but it’s just not very accurate. If he loves the show enough to get that tattoo, he must’ve known that Brian would be coming back, so maybe he just didn’t care, or lost a bet, or won a bet, or had a friend named “Brian” and wanted to link the two; whatever his reasoning, that thing is there for life, so we hope he likes it. We’d love to know if he’s going to edit it, maybe switch the “RIP” to “TRIP”, because maybe that’s what he was on when he made the decision to get it. Zing! Take that random guy from the internet!



Bryan Cranston Breaks Tattoo Drought; It Isn’t Bad


There’s no doubt about it folks, it’s always going to be weird that the dad from “Malcolm in the Middle” is Walter White from “Breaking Bad”. What’s not weird is how friggin’ talented the guy happens to be; Bryan Cranston is easily one of the best television actors of his generation, no matter who he plays. We like to not think about his days as the dad on the overrated Frankie Muniz vehicle, but instead fondly remember that he was once Tim Wattley on “Seinfeld” (afterall, we’re not anti-dentites) and how great he was in that small role. Anyhow, Cranston has dominated the screen playing the aforementioned White on “Breaking Bad”, easily one of the best shows to ever hit television screens, and as the show winds down its final season, the “Drive” star has decided to commemorate the experience with some ink. Cranston got the show’s logo, the “BrBa” periodic table sign on his finger, where ot’s not super obvious, but where he can see it everyday and be happy that it’s there. In an interview, Cranston said that every time he catches a glimpse of the tattoo, he gets a smile on his face because of all his fond memories. Other members of the cast and crew got the same piece put on them (we think that costar Aaron Paul is included in this group) , as they all shared an experience for the llast few years that go down in television history. The final ten episodes of the show have drawn a ton of speculation, and have become some of the most anticipated minutes of television in history. In the era of DVRs and Netflix, they show has remained appointment television, and that’s due in no small part to Cranston’s work as the main character. With so much invested in the program, and with it being such a big deal, it’s no wonder he wanted to put it on his body forever. Besides, the guy is almost sixty and he’s worth a zillion dollars, it’s not like he’s not going to get a job at Kinko’s because of his tats. More power to you Bryan! It may be tiny, but we fully approve of you new piece of body art!


Miley Cyrus Has a New Tattoo

At this point, it should come as no surprise to any of you that Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has a new tattoo; afterall, she has a few already. What is kind of surprising though, is how meaningful her new ink is. The recently engaged pop star’s newest tattoo is on her left forearm, and features a quote from popular United States President Theodore Roosevelt (he’s the one with the mustache, not the one with polio), and it’s a good one. The quote reads “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” If we remember our history, the full passage that the tat was taken from is about putting oneself out there and trying to succeed. We’d love to give her guff about the new piece, but we’re Amurikans! How could we not support a young lady getting the words of one of our most awesome of presidents etched on her skin? Good job Miley!

Kelsey Grammer Gets His First Tattoo

Don’t adjust your computer screens and smart phones folks, that is in fact 57 year old star of stage an screen Kelsey Grammar in the photo above. Yup, at almost 60 the Fraser, Cheers, and, Boss star jumped into the tattoo chair for the first time to ink the name of his new wife Kayte (there is no way that’s how it was meant to be spelled, unless her birth certificate says” Kaytherine”; in which case her parents should be slapped) on his hip. Look, we respect the hell out of Kelsey Grammar, even despite his drunk driving and infidelities, but we’ve got some issues with this ink. First off, she’s his fourth wife, so clearly marriage isn’t always a permanent idea to him, so maybe a tattoo isn’t the best thing to show his love. Secondly, what grown man gets a single tattoo that low on his waste line? He’s an award winning actor, not an 18 year old girl on spring break. Well either way, we’re sure he can afford the removal fees if this turns out to be a bad idea.