Tamra Barney’s Old Tattoos

Tamra Barney Tattoo

Of all the gossip you hear about The Real Housewives of Orange County, you never really get to hear much about their tattoos. Tamra Barney however is a different case, as the reality star has very publicly (on television in fact) had struggles with her ink and its subsequent removal. Barney had two tattoos, both of which were connected to her ex-husband Simon. On her lower back, she had a yin-yang symbol surrounded by flames to match Simon’s; its removal went very well (although the picture below looks pretty painful) and you can barely tell that it was ever there. She also had his name inked on her ring finger; that removal didn’t go as well and you can still see a shadow on her finger where it used to be. She’s looked into having the shadow covered up, but as of this writing it is still uncovered and looks kind of crappy. Also, her last name is “Barney”, and it’s really hard not to assume that she’s the daughter of the purple dinosaur and a tanning bed; like a really good looking one though.

Tamra Barney Finger Tattoo

Tamra Barney back Tattoo

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