Tattoo Anderson Cooper On My Leg? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Anderson Fan tattoo

You know, when you think of celebrities that someone would get tattooed on themselves, you think of people with pin-up model good looks, or people portraying iconic characters. It’s never surprising to see a weird Kim Kardashian tattoo on some dude’s arm, or a picture of Gerard Butler from 300 on someone’s back. You know what is surprising though? When someone tattoos CNN correspondent, and host of Anderson Cooper 360, Anderson Cooper on their calf. The only thing more surprising that the fact that Canadian woman Tanya Paulin has the news star inked on her, it how awesome it is. The die-hard television fan, who also has Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa marked on her other leg, chose to get Cooper permanently placed on her body for no other reason than that he’s her favorite news anchor. I got to be honest folks: this is awesome, I’m not sure why, but it is. Although now my Hugh Downes back-piece is going to seem less cool.

Cooper Fan Tattoo

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