Tattooed Profile: The UFC’s Chris Lytle

It’s not every day that I get to write about someone as epically cool as recently retired UFC competitor Chris “Lights Out” Lytle, but today is a good day. Finishing his career with a 3rd round guillotine choke victory over welterweight contender Dan Hardy, Lytle retired from the UFC with a record of 10-10 (40-18-4 in overall Mixed Martial Arts competition); as a winner of multiple “Fight Night” bonuses and one of the most popular fighters in the promotion’s history. He also had a successful career as a pro boxer before transitioning into MMA, and has spent his entire career as a fighter juggling his career as a fire fighter in Indiana. Yup, he also saves lives, and what’s he going to do now that he’s hanging his gloves up? He’s going to run for Indiana State Senate. The man is putting together quite the life resumè, and he’s doing it all while getting progressively covered in more and more ink. He started with a simple target design on his upper back, but has since added a huge lion to his lower right torso and ribcage; and a really nicely done dragon that covers his left pec and extends to his left arm and wraps around his bicep. He will most likely get more ink now that he has more free time on his hands, and will continue to show that tattoos are part of our culture. A man of his accomplishments shows that the days of ink being for low-lives are over, and that it’s about the man, not the ink on his body…unless it’s a barb wire or tribal band around your forearm…those things are done.

One thought on “Tattooed Profile: The UFC’s Chris Lytle”

  1. Hellow Chris, I’m from Brazilian .
    Olá, eu adoraria fazer uma homenagem á você com uma tatoo igual a sua ,”lion” .
    Por favor , me mande o desenho dessa tatoo, para que o meu tatuador faça em mim.

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