Tattooing Ed O’Neill On Yourself Is Awesome

Okay, so we decided to go out and search the web to see if anyone had tattooed Ed O’Neill on themselves. Why? Simple, because Ed O’Neill is awesome; he played Al Bundy, he’s on Modern Family, he was drafter to the NFL, he’s a frickin’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, and he’s been gainfully employed as an actor for almost 25 years! In short: He rules. We found a few folks who had gone out and put Ed, as Al Bundy, on their bodies, but something was wrong! Every picture we found was listed as “worst tattoo ever”, or “bad idea”; the record must be set straight: Tattooing Ed O’Neill on yourself is cool. Super cool. Al Bundy is a character that helped raise and teach multiple generations, whether he taught them how to be, or how not to be; and Ed O’Neill has been just as awesome in real life. So we hope you find this article Ed O’Neill tattoo havers, because you should know not to hang your head in shame any longer; you’re the man…now dog…or woman…now dog.