Taylor Swift Inspires Body Art…To Mixed Results

Taylor Swift is…polarizing to say the least. If you ask her fans; she’s a strong young woman who oozes talent and who’s had her heart wrongfully broken time after time, and she’s persevered through these countless broken hearts by putting her feelings into song. However, if you ask the more… uhhhhh…logical of us out there, we’d say that she’s a petty young rich kid who doesn’t handle break-ups well, so instead of using her abundance of natural talent to produce true musical art, she writes barely passable songs that amount to nothing more than lyrically slashing the tires of her exes. So with that said, we really like that “Love Story” song, and we get a kick out of all the bad tattoo ideas that she’s inspired, so let’s take a look at some of them

First up, we have the ill advised ink on “The A Team” singer Ed Sheeran’s arm that Swift had to have been the catalyst for. While the two Grammy darlings collaborated on “Everything Has Changed”, they clearly hit it off, with an obviously strong friendship being formed and a rumored love affair (if rumors about Swift are true, this “Love Affair” was mostly hand holding and sharing of milk shakes) coming from their time together. Also from their time together, it seems that Sheeran was inspired to have some ink done, getting the title of her album “RED” placed on his left arm in the exact font as the album’s cover. It’s not a bad tattoo, but it’s also not a great idea to get someone else’s album inked on your arm.

Next up, we have One Direction’s Harry Styles, who recently dated the “Our Story” singer until he dumped her for being “prude”. During their time together, Styles appeared in the video for her song “I Knew You Were Trouble”; in that video he rocked a tattoo of a big ship, a tattoo that he ended with in real life shortly after shooting the clip. Swift apparently went with him to get the ink done, so we can only assume that she also took part in the brain storming that led to the body art. So we have another piece of ink on a guy who isn’t dating the young country star, but this one pales in comparison to our final subject.

We’re not really sure who this guy is, but he seems to be really into Taylor Swift, and also really into saving money on his tattoos. The piece looks like her…if she fell into a mud pit and sustained bruising during the incident. Having someone whom you’ve never met inked on your body is pretty out there; at least when it’s a real person. This isn’t a tattoo of Yoda, it’s a real person, and it’s real weird.

We can only hope that this epidemic of Taylor Swift tattoos stops before it’s too late; it’s like the zombie outbreak, but with teen pop idols and such.