The Best MLB Fan Tattoo Ever

Benjamin Christensen really loves baseball and if you don’t believe him, just ask that he take off his shirt. Once the awkwardness of asking a stranger to go topless wears off, take a look at the sides of his torso to see one of the most intricate, well done, and coolest Major League Baseball fan tattoos ever. Christensen has all 30 teams represented on him, mostly all of them in Mascot form, and all of them intricate. Amongst the characters represented on his skin, he has the Pittsburgh Pirate’s Parrot on acid (in honor of their pitcher, Dock Ellis, pitching a no-hitter high), the Phillie Phanatic high-fiving Green Man from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the Chicago Cubs’ logo wearing Harry Caray glasses, and the Baltimore Bird holding a bat with curse-words on it (in honor of the famous photo of Oriole Billy Ripken, in which he had the same curses written on the knob of his bat). Benjamin has put some thought into his ink, and it came out great.