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We’ve got a bit of a double header for you today folks; we’ve got a depressing-ish story and something awesome. Since they both involve “Game”, of the “the” and “a” varieties to be more specific, we’re going to present them to you in one convenient package! So which one do you want first? The kind of grim one right? No one ever says they want the good news first, if they do they’re probably a Communist or a hipster. So yeah, let’s talk about The Game’s new ink.

The Game Leg Tattoo

The “Hate It or Love It” rapper recently sat in the parlor chair for over seven hours to get tattoos in honor of deceased rap icon Nate Dogg and slain teenager Trayvon Martin (we all know who he is; so please folks, this is a tattoo site, keep the social commentary to yourselves). His reasoning behind the Nate Dogg piece is pretty obvious; he’s a rapper and he’s paying tribute to one of the greats of his craft. The Trayvon tattoo is a bit more complicated, as explaining it would cause us to delve into the kind of commentary that we’re just not smart enough to take part in. However, it should be noted that The Game’s picture was used in a widely spread chain e-mail that was sent around during the George Zimmerman (the man who killed Martin) trial. It was incorrectly posted in the letter as a picture of “the real Trayvon Martin”, so he has a tenuous, albeit somewhat legitimate connection to the situation. Both pieces were done on his left leg, and both were very well done. They were stenciled from photos of the two iconic individuals, and the artist (Roman Abrego) did a great job on both. So now that we talked about the tribute pieces, let’s discuss something a little more lighthearted…the” Konami Code”…in tattoo form!

The Game Face Tattoo

The little gem that you’ve no doubt already seen (we know that you scroll through all the pictures before reading the articles) is an ink representation of the famous code from the Nintendo version of “Contra”. The code was “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, Start” (you added “select” if there were two players), and it got you thirty lives in the notoriously hard game. The awesome piece belongs to a guy named Kevin Pacheco, and it’s one of the nerdiest and coolest tattoos we’ve ever seen!


So in the end folks, this article proves that tattoos are there for the good times and the bad, but they’re there for life.

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