The Great Year End Debate: Who Has The Worse Fan Tattoo?

We lied, there is no debate, they’re both absolutely horrible tattoos. As you can see from the pictures, today we are discussing the “super fan” who got Take Care artist/rapper Drake’s name inked on her forehead in huge block-letters; and the other “devoted follower” of The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted rapper Gucci Mane, who got the same ice cream cone tattoo that he has…on her face. Wow, those are some whoppers; face tattoos as a concept are usually bad ideas if you’re not part of tribe or warrior clan, but face tattoos that are their to show allegiance to rappers, those are bad ideas of a while other kind. We realy can’t say who made the worse decision, but we guess it’s fair to say that the Drake fan’s ink somehow looks worse since it’s so…it’s block letters on her forehead and the other one is a design, we’re sure you understand. Drake himself has voiced anger at the artist who allowed the young fan to get the tattoo, while Gucci Mane was probably too busy in court to comment.