This Guy’s A Miley Cyrus Fan; Has Tattoos To Prove it

So that’s weird…yeah, that’s pretty much the best thing we can say about these images. You’re looking at the tattoos of a guy whose Twitter name is @MileyCyrusCarl, and he’s apparently such a big fan on ole’ Hannah Montana that he’s tattooed her name, likeness, autograph, and we think song lyrics (we refuse to do that kind of research) all over himself. What in the name of all that it creepy is wrong with this guy?! Is he a stalker that we should worry about? Or is he just so monumentally dense that he thinks that it’s normal for a grown man to get tattoos of a teen-pop idol all over his grown-man self? Did we mention that he has fifteen of them all together? That means he’s by all definitions “heavily tattooed” and it’s completely because of his love for Miley friggin’ Cyrus. Look, we could be wrong and this guy could be a saint that saves kitten from burning nun-factories, but if he ends up being a kook, we won’t be surprised. Also, that arm-ink looks like the girl from The Ring…so that’s weird too.

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