Tim Armstrong – Punk Rocker with Skull and Spider Web Tattoos No Less

neck and arms

Tim Armstrong is a punk music legend. Born in Berkely, California in 1965, he’s been part of such acts as Operation Ivy, The Transplants, and Downfall, but he’s most famous as the lead singer and founder of Rancid, which you may remember from the early 90s when they became somewhat well-known (that’s big time for a punk band). He also founded and co-owns Hellcat Records. It should be no surprise that this rocker is covered in tattoos. His biggest and most famous piece is the spider web on top of his head, which he’s had things added to over the years, making it a constant work in progress. He also has extensive work on both arms. The tattoos on his left arm include, a bracelet of skulls on his wrist, the “Hellcat Records” logo on his forearm, a large skull, and a spider web on his elbow; while the tattoos on his right arm include, a big skull on his bicep (which was done to cover his ex wife’s name “Brody”) and large rose on the inside of his forearm. He also has a spider on the left side of his neck, the letters “PUNX” on the knuckles of his left hand, and “U.S. Thugs” on his stomach. He still tours with his various bands and is a fixture in the punk community, so he will probably never stop getting ink, so keep an eye on the ever changing canvas that is Tim Armstrong.

full arm view

spider web

green day billy joe