Tim Howard: Goalie Finally Scores With Ink

tim howard tattoos

Aside from winning a World Cup, Tim Howard has done just about everything that a soccer player from New Jersey could ever dream of. The goalkeeper for both Everton of The Premier League and Team USA, Howard has had a career that has seen him succeed both in The United States as a member of The NY/NJ Metrostars (later known as The New York Red Bulls) and internationally on the aforementioned Everton and USA squads. He’s also got a solid family life that includes a wife and two kids, and has been hailed as one of the more prominent humanitarians in the world football game. He’s also covered in tattoos, so we love the guy!

tim howard tattoos

At this point, Howard has pretty much his entire upper-body covered in ink, enough so that it’s hard to really get a read on all of his work. From the pictures we’ve seen, we can tell that he has a huge angel wing piece on his back, the name of his son on his chest, his kids’ faces on his pec, his number (24) on his ribs, an outline of the state of New Jersey on his stomach, a Jesus face on his left arm, nautical stars on his front deltoids, some doves on his shoulders, a cross on his arm, a Virgin Mary on his stomach,  a passage of scripture on his ribs, some Roman writing on his collarbone, a ton of Japanese imagery on his right arm (including Kanji, rising sun art, and a geisha), and a heart piece right on his chest plate. He obviously also has a ton of negative space filled up all over his body, and a bunch of small pieces spread out over his arms. There’s so much going on that we’re having trouble picking out all of his individual work, so if you know what he’s got, feel free to post it in the comments. Overall, every bit of work on this dude seems to be extremely well done, with at least some of it being done by popular England-based artist Alex Rodriguez. We’re really impressed with the overall look of his body art, and we’re pretty sure that he’s not done yet. We don’t see him going full body suit, but he’s got a little more space left on his lower back, and we could see him getting a little bit more done on his legs. We really dig everything about this dude, and we look forward to reporting when we know more about Tim Howard’s tattoos.

tim howard tattoos

tim howard chest tattoos

tim howard tattoos pics

tim howard back tattoo


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