Trace Cyrus Covered In Tattoos

trace cyrus neck tattoo

Let’s talk about Trace Cyrus folks! No, that’s not a typo; we aren’t talking about Miley Cyrus, or her dad Billy Ray Cyrus; we’re talking about her/his hot topic manequin of a brother/son Trace Cyrus; formerly of Metro Station, and currently of Ashland HIGH. Trace, who recently got engaged to actress Brenda Song, may be the least talented of the Cyruses, but he’s definitely the most emo, and the most tattooed. Trace is covered with ink, including: a small feather under his left eye, a cross under his right eye, a large cross inside a coffin on his throat, skulls on his right arm, flowers on his left arm, two smoking rifles on his stomach, “Songs of Victory” on his chest, a lady’s face on his right arm, her zombie version on his left arm, a revolver on his left shoulder, roses on his chest, an eagle on his chest, and a huge piece on his back that features a portrait of a Native American Chief and the words “Southern Made…Hollywood Paid”.

trace cyrus face tattoo

trace cyrus full back tattoo

trace cyrus arm tattoos

trace cyrus chest art

trace cyrus gun tattoos

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