Turkey Tattoos For Turkey Day!


Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving” like a turkey tattoo! Wait…what? Yes folks, that’s right, people actually have turkey tattoos…tattoos…of farm birds. When we decided to look into the idea of tattoos designed after the staple dish of Thanksgiving, we figured that we’d find at least a few pictures of people crazy enough to get gobblers inked on their bodies, but we never thought that there’d be enough of them that we could say that we’re showing you “only some of them”! Apparently, there’s a ton of people in this world who have decided that of all of the things that they could permanently place on their bodies, creatures famous for being dumb enough to accidentally drown themselves during rain storms (we’re unsure if that’s a real fact or an urban legend, but that doesn’t weaken our resolve to write it in the slightest) are on the top of the list. We have to admit, a lot of the designs that we’ve seen are actually very well done, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re tattoos of freaking turkeys. We figure that all of these pieces fall into one of two categories: 1) They’re to commemorate a life began on a farm, a farm that had a turkey that we will assume helped the tattooed through a rough time in his or her life, most likely with hilarious consequences (bonus points if the turkey can talk). 2) Someone got really drunk the night before Thanksgiving and has terrible friends who didn’t stop them from paying to have a barn buzzard scarred onto their skin. Unfortunately, most of the tattoos on this page probably fall into the later category. Regardless of why people got them, we’re just happy that turkey tattoos are a thing, and we hope that people keep getting them during drunken Thanksgiving Eve bad decision fests. Why? Because cornucopia tattoos would be way more stupid.

turkey-tattoo-pic turkey-tattoo-pics turkey-tattoo-picture turkey-tattoo-pictures

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