Uhhh…Sweet Carrot Tats Lady

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Zizi Howell; she’s clearly out of her mind. There’s no other way to slice it, this lady who was recently featured on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession , has an obsession with carrots; an obsession that includes 35 carrot themed tattoos. Now these aren’t creatively done, or funny, or even artistic; they’re just friggin’ carrots, lots and lots of carrots; she even has a really ridiculous looking carrot armband. We’ve seen plenty of fan tattoos here at Celebrity Tattoo Design; everything from great ink on a baseball fan, to terrible ink on a music fan, but Zizi’s tattoos are both poor in subject matter and in execution. How is someone a fan of carrots? Furthermore, how is someone who is crazy enough to be obsessed with carrots, not creative enough to come up with more interesting tattoos? We want people to do what makes them happy, but the least they could do is put some though into it.

Carrot Lady Tattoos

carrot tattoos

carrot obsession tattoos

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