Victoria Beckham’s Tats – Scripture, Stars and Hidden Meanings

Victoria Caroline Beckham was born April 17, 1974. She is a dancer, model, singer, fashion designer, actress and songwriter. The former spice girl has a bunch of tattoos. One of her tattoos is a design with five stars on her lower back.  The stars are a symbolic tribute to her husband and her two sons. Victoria’s tattoo on her back is also a match for the one on her husband’s back. It is a scripture from the book of Solomon 6:3, and 1:3. She has her husband initials DB on her wrist, and the date she and David first become lovers. Her latest tattoo is located on her wrist under the letters DB, it is said to mean “we think”. If she wants to catch up to David she has a little more ink to add, her shoulders maybe would be a good place to start?


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