Will Smith’s Fan’s Tattoos Are…Fresh?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself: Does Will Smith have any tattoos? Ok, you probably haven’t, but I bet you are now. The answer is no. Despite his begginings as a family-friendly hip-hop act, the star of Hancock and Men In Black 3 has no ink on his body. However, plenty of people have went out and put pictures of Will Smith on their body. First up, we have a close-up of Smith as the titular character in Hancock; it’s well done, but I’m not sure why someone would get it.Next, we have a really well done portrait of Will as The Fresh Prince of Belair. I’m going to assume that this was done as some sort of nostalgia, but who knows, maybe they just really like the theme song. Seriously, have you ever start singing it out loud? Everyone in a twenty-foot radius that was born after 1980 will start singing with you.Finally, we have the most poorly done, but most interesting piece in the group. This “Welcome to Miami” art is obviously based on Will’s hit song, but why is he dressed like a waiter? Maybe he’s a cruise ship captain bringing you breakfast? Who knows, but it’s kind of awesome.