Zac Efron Gets Another Tattoo

Zack Efron just keeps getting further and further away from his High School Musical persona; part of that departure has been his getting of not one, not two, but now three tattoos! He’s a real tattooed person now! Good for him, although as of right now, we have almost no idea what he got done earlier this month in Los Angeles. Rumor has it that the ink, which is directly connected to his other inner-biceps tattoo, is related to his new relationship, but no one really knows yet. All we know is that he now has three very visible tattoos, and that makes the Lucky One and Lorax star a whole lot cooler in our book. At this point, if he goes out and gets himself a big ole’ forearm piece, we’re going to have to start actually supporting him…wow, we really hope that he doesn’t do that, because he may be getting a little better, but his movies still look like something our girlfriends’ teddy bears would throw up if they ate too many rainbows.

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