Zac Efron’s Arm Tat

Everbody grows up folks, and Zac Efron is proof. Once the fresh-faced, semi-feminine star of High School Musical, High School Musical 2, 17 Again, and High School Musical 3:Senior Year, Efron is a now a muscled-up adult (he’s 24), complete with a tattoo. Yes, folks, Zac Efron, the guy who had the same haircut as most 12 year old girls for a solid part of his career, is jacked and inked. His tattoo, which is on the inside of his right biceps, is pretty simple; it’s just a few feathers, but it definitely helps his new image as an adult actor (as in “adult who plays the roles of other adults”, not “guy who makes bam-bam for money”). The placement of the ink tells us that he’s not afraid to show it, and as his career get further into grown-up mode with roles in The Lucky One, New Years Eve, and The Lorax; look for Efron to get at least a couple more pieces of body art.