Zac Efron’s Newest Tattoo

Zac Efron Newest Tatt

When last we saw High School Musical‘s Zac Efron, he was fresh off his first tattoo. That particular piece of ink was some feathers on the inside of his biceps; part of his new grown-up image, which we predicted he’d further by getting even more ink in the future. Well folks, start up your flying cars, because the future is now and Efron has some new tattoo work already. He recently has been seen sporting “YOLO” on his hand; it stands for “You Only Live Once”. It’s actually an extremely underwhelming tattoo, as it’s just letters (not even designer letters at that), but it’s location shows that Zac Efron’s love for tattoos is here to stay. In fact, we’re going to say that the star of The Lucky One is one more successful movie, and the acquired “do what I want” status that comes along with it, away from getting some big pieces on his body. We’ll keep you posted, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Zac Efron’s tattoos.

Zac Efron Hand Tattoo

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