Jay Baruchel Shows Canadian Pride With His Tattoos

jay baruchel tattoo

Jay Baruchel has made a career out of two outstanding traits; his supreme nerdy charm (which he exhibited best in She’s Out Of My League and Tropic Thunder; watch those movies and try not to like the guy), and his love of being Canadian (which he showed off in Knocked Up). He show’s off the latter with his maple leaf (a symbol of Canada) that he has done on his chest. He also has a Celtic Cross, and his mother’s maiden name on his inner forearm. He tends not to always show his ink when he’s on screen, and the big below-the-elbow tattoo doesn’t fit with his ultra-nerdy image…and he’s a cartoon in How to Train Your Dragon, so it just wouldn’t make sense, especially since we all know that there’s not dragons in Canada. We expect that as his career continues going well and he has more life experiences, Baruchel will probably get some more tattoos representing things like his children and his successful ventures.

jay baruchel canadian tattoo

jay baruchel arm tattoo

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