Poo Emoji Tattoo: Did It Really Happen?

Poo Emoji Back Tattoo

Here we have the makings of an urban legend folks. The above picture is supposedly of a girl from Ohio named Rossie Brovent who made the life-altering mistake of getting a tattoo done by the man she was cheating on. The original story that was reported states that Brovent asked her then boyfriend, Ryan Fitzjerald, to ink a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia on her back, but didn’t realize that he was aware that she was being unfaithful to him with his best friend. Fitzjerald got his revenge by tattooing this breathtaking poo landscape on her instead. There’s rumors going around that the whole thing is fake, but we refuse to believe that. We want to believe that we live in a world where someone is both weird enough to want to get the lion, the witch, and/or the wardrobe tattooed on her back, and where someone can seek revenge vie doodie-tat. You can prove it’s fake all you want internet, but much like Santa, pro wrestling, the moon landing, and our secret girlfriend that we met in a chatroom; we’re going to keep believing that it’s real.

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