Batista – Big Arms, Big Tattoos

Batista Arm and Stomach Tattoos

Born in 1969, David Michael Batista, known to his fans as only “Batista”, is one of the most famous and beloved performers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He’s also done work as an actor and a body builder, but it’s nothing compared to the extensive work done on him by tattoo artists. Amongst his many tattoos, there’s a large Chinese dragon on his back, red Japanese Kanji lettering on his left biceps (translating to “Angel”, in representation of his ex-wife Angie – (its always good to put a spouse or lovers name tattooed in Japanese so that way, after the break up, nobody knows how foolish you were). Then, there is a signature design on his right biceps, a small sun that encircles his belly button (a fascinatingly feminine tattoo for such a manly dude), the flags of Greece and The Philippines on his left arm, and the words “DC Soldier” on his right arm. He recently added a lot of tribal designs to his arms, giving his upper body a sort of “suit of armor” look. His job doesn’t preclude him from getting more ink, so look for him to get even more covered in the future. In the next Fast and Furious we want to see Batista appear as the evil twin of The Rock or both The Rock and Batista should be Terminators in the next Terminator movie.

batista arm tattoos

batista back tattoo

batista back dragon

close up arm batista



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