Nikki Sixx Tattoo Body Canvas

Good job Nikki! We’re not just talking about a few simple this and thats to gain respect as an 80s rocker but he went full on body-as-a-canvas. The Japanese themed stuff looks good, the sun on his back is a nice design, just about all of it is interesting and has good color. You can see a little of the progression from his early days (nice leather pants). There is barely enough room for updates, I wonder if he is done yet. A few of them do look like 80s rocker designs but thats cool, he was after all a real 80s rocker. And there are more than a few fans paying homage to Nikki with their own tats.

nikki sixx kat total tats

Nikki Sixx Tatts

Nikki Sixx Front And Back Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Chest Tattoo

Motley Crue Nikki Six Chest

Nikki Sixx Arm Tattoo

Nikki Sun Tattoo

Nikki Sixx BAck Art

Nikki Six Finger Tattoos

Nikki Sixx Mick Mars Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Face Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Neck Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Rib Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Kat Von D Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Leg Tattoo

Nikki Sixx Leg Tattoos

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